Sunday, May 25, 2008

Security and Privacy Day @ Stony Brook

Stony Brook University is hosting a Security and Privacy Day next Friday May 30th The topics being covered are pretty interesting such as language based security, security and outsourcing, network security, trusted hardware and privacy:
Use of Links programming language to enforce security policies from Dr Michael Hicks of Univ of Maryland
Languages for tracking information flows and in particular security metadata (e.g. CIA attributes) from Dr Marco Pistoia of IBM
Database as a Service (DAS) for secure and efficient query evaluation over encrypted databases from Dr Wendy Hui Wang of Stevens
Security as A Service models (SaaS) from Suresh Sari also from IBM Research
An other interesting papers..
May 25 is the deadline to register. The organizers also plan a nice sightseeing program with wine tasting and boating trips around the Long Island Beach area.
I plan to attend the conference also to meet Dr Radu Sion for which I had some previous paper email exchanges (Financial Cryptography Conference in Mexico last January that I did not attend) and connect with some academics in light of my future publishing endeavors (a book I intend to write on Software Security Frameworks)
Most importantly to take Suzanne (my wife) with me and celebrate together our 4th wedding anniversary with a nice visit/lunch at one of the local wineries on Saturday.
Security and Wine Tasting is really appealing...+ car racing event would be elecrifying...I refrain myself would not take the wine-car talk spin topic on this blog... Cheers :)

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