Sunday, July 13, 2008

Application Security Conferences/Events (July-November)

I thought to announce herein a provisional list of conferences/meetings that I plan to attend:
July 30th Local OWASP Chapter: Presenting on Building Security In The SDLC
August 6-7 Blackhat, J.C. Palace Las Vegas: Attending
August 8-10 Defcon16: Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas: Attending
September 23rd Local OWASP Chapter: Co-Presenting with Scott Nusbaum on Encoded Attack Vectors, Threats and Countermeasures
October 3rd : IMI security symposium, Northern Kentucky University: " Managing Software Security Risks Using Application Threat Modeling"
October 30th : Rochester Security Summit, Presenting: Producing Secure Applications with Software Security Engineering and Risk Management Processes
November 5th Security Day in Sardegna (Italy): Presenting On Web Application Security Initiatives: The Open Source Way and Moderator for the Round Table on Open Source vs. Commercial Software Security
November 10 and 11: IASA IT Architect Regional Conference in Singapore: Presenting on: Architecting Secure Web Applications Using Security Engineering Design and Risk Management Processes

If you plan to attend any of these events/conferences please send me a note.

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PRosh said...

The 2008 IMI Security Symposium is taking place on October 3, 2008.